Monday, August 27, 2012

The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave (1998)

If you're not familiar with "Super" Dave Osborne, his shtick went something like this: he would attempt some insane stunt, and then they would show something horrible happen to an obvious dummy made up to look like him. It shouldn't have been funny, but it kinda was so I'm gonna give this movie a chance even though...

Holy shit, is his bus driver Ray Charles? Did this guy seriously kick off his first (and likely only) movie with a cheap-ass blind joke? This flick might end up rocking after all. Hot on the heels of that we get a midget joke and some evil dictator jokes, but then the whole thing kinda falls apart and it's just scene after scene of Super Dave getting hurt in increasingly convoluted, improbable ways, which needless to say wears thin pretty quick.

That's Super Dave under the Jeep. I wonder what will happen next?
Let's see, what else... oh, there's a plot too, which takes up entirely too much time and quite frankly bored the piss out of me whenever it reared its ugly head. I also see that the moviemakers went back and dubbed over all the bad words in post, which is not only super distracting once you notice it, but also makes me seriously question lines like this one:

Super Dave: "It smells like you've been rolling in sheep again."

Is that supposed to be a really weird joke that makes no sense, or did they just replace "shit" with "sheep" after the fact? Actually, a better question is, why do this at all? With the possible exception of tits, I can't think of anything you could add to or subtract from a Super Dave Osborne movie that would broaden its audience, so just leave the swear words in there and let the damn thing be what it was meant to be: a crappy PG-13 movie that nobody's going to watch anyway.

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