Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Monitors (1969)

It's the swingin' mod future, apparently, and the whole world is policed by the Monitors, passionless, uptight white dudes sporting bowler hats. So really, aside from the hats, it's not all that different from today. Well, except that the Monitors have apparently made everything better, from ending war to curing the common cold. And as far as anyone can tell, they've done it all through peaceful means, like an army of Lock & Co.-sponsored Ghandis. Our main guy doesn't trust them though, and after he knocks a Monitor out he's approached by this slapsticky rebel underground and asked to sign up. Did I say "slapsticky"? That's right, because as heavy as this all sounds it's really more of a zany comedy that just has delusions of pretentious. There are a handful of funny bits (like when someone assures the main guy that the revolution is non-profit), and the brunette who helps our main guy escape from the Monitor re-education place is beyond fine, but it's all pretty one-note, and if I want to watch a dated, unfunny, one-note, anti-war comedy, Dr. Strangelove is probably on TCM right now.

Yeah, you read that right. Fuck Dr. Strangelove. Learn why it sucks here.

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  1. Last week my inlaws made me watch Dr. Strangelove seeing as I had missed that "critically important piece of cinematic gold". Seeing as you say the Monitors have a handful of funny scenes I wish I had wasted two hours of my life on it instead.