Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Indeterminate Number of Blind Boys

This Five Blind Boys album is a little bit of all right, if you like this sort of thing (by "this sort of thing" I mean black people, obviously), but can you tell me what's wrong with the cover? That's right - there's only four of them! Ha! Art design fail. Also, I'm pretty sure the one in the upper left isn't really blind.


  1. This album must have been the low point in the career of the missing fifth guy. Not only was he doing an album based primarily on his disability and place of birth, but then the record people didn't even feature him on the cover. Perhaps he was really ugly and they didn't want to hurt sales, or maybe he was super obese and they didn't have room for him. That said, I guess he never would have known about it anyway unless someone told him...

    1. Okay Anonymous, no need to be funnier than me.