Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Back, Bitches!

Hey all, the main site is still on hiatus, but when it does return I was thinking it should be a little more interactive, so that people can comment on reviews, argue, make fools of themselves, and possibly even meet and fall in love. The best format for this, I feel, is the blog format, so consider this a test run for that, sort of a Mr. Satanism [dot] com 2.5, if you will. Look for supplementary material relating to the reviews in my books (The 100 Best Movies Ever Made ...Mostly Suck; 66.6 Absurd Movies About the Devil; Legendary House of Haunted Hell; and the upcoming Lifetime for Men), reviews and observations that don't really fit anywhere else, and my usual furious misanthropy. Comments welcomed and encouraged!


  1. Welcome back. Can't wait for regular reviews again.

  2. Great idea! I'll link to your blog from mine once you're up and running!

  3. awesome now i can read your material and not get a raging head ache.glad to see you up and running!!!