Monday, March 17, 2014

New Book + Contest (= Awesome)

So, my latest -- and I sincerely believe greatest -- book will be up for sale as an Amazon exclusive late tomorrow (that's the cover, below), but instead of making it free for the first couple of days like I usually do I thought I'd hold a little contest. And since the book is respectfully dedicated to bikini babes everywhere, this one's solely for the ladies. (Sorry, guys. If you want a freebie, you'll have to get one of your female friends to help. Ladies, make 'em beg.)

Here's how it works: visit me on Twitter here, follow me for fuck's sake (this is optional), and then tweet me a pic of yourself in a bikini (note: this pic will be re-tweeted). Easy enough, right? I'll contact you via Twitter and you can tell me where to send the pdf file. Just make sure it's you in the pic, because I hate people who hijack photos almost as much as I love bikinis. I will do a Google image search if I'm suspicious.

That's it. For the rest of you, the Kindle version will only be $2.99. Cheap!

Update: Here's a direct link to Shark Weak's Page on Amazon.

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